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“Wasim The Dream, The Relentless Pursuit of Turning dreams into reality” is an inspirational biography and self-help book intended to inspire people from all around the world to go after their dreams and to accomplish them.
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What You Will Learn

Friends and Enemies Help Us Achieve Goals

Single out your competitors, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and turn them into your ally.

Fighting For Your Beliefs

Recognize when your being hit, and prepare a comeback. Can you think of a time when you backed down? Knowing how you will respond to an attempted throw down is part of your mental training.

Doing What It Takes to Win

Identify your top 3 goals. There is power in writing out your goals
and posting them. What Are You Willing to Give Up?

Finding Strength in Sorrow

Its important to have a plan 'B'. Use social media to create your support system, and join the support of others.

The Need for Failure to Achieve

 Accept that failure is a part of success. It’s OK to feel frustration
or mad. Also, feel the feelings. Analyze every failure, and create a revised plan.

How Mentors Push You To Achieve Your Dreams

Identify a role model in your relevant sphere –
finance, fitness, school or business. Schedule a Meeting, ask for the mentorship and cement the structure.
what people are saying
“Wasim has so much passion for the sport of natural bodybuilding. He has great potential and I see him accomplishing even more in the future. His story is an inspiration for the younger generation of up and coming body builders who strive to excel in the sport. 
--Frank Zane Author, 3x Mr. Olympia & Universe, Hall of fame bodybuilding& fitness icon
“Wasim’s energy is unbounded! His presence, dedication and personality inspire others. I am honored to have been his mentor and watch him achieve success on his journey towards his dreams in fitness, education and the corporate world“
--Eric the Trainer, The Celebrity Fitness trainer and Icon, TV Host and author
"Wasim is an energetic student, with a big vision to change the world. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he continues to relentlessly pursue his goals. Wasim and students like him continue the legacy of Earnest Rady, the founder of our business school who believed that Rady students will positively impact the world through entrepreneurship and innovation"
--Robert Sullivan, Dean of the UCSD Rady School of Management
Wasim Hajjiri is an electrical engineer with an MBA master’s degree from the prestigious UCSD, Rady School of Management. He worked for two of the top tech companies globally, Qualcomm and Orange Telecommunications.

 He is a three-time gold medalist and world-class fitness athlete in the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) with ten years of weight-lifting experience. 

Wasim has numerous national and international TV appearances, including CBS News, FOX News, ABC News, Channel 10 News, KGTV, iHeartRadio, Roya TV,  and INBA TV.

His story has been featured by UCSD, the Rady School of Management, TriSystem, Go Natural Athlete and by more than 30 magazines in Jordan.  

He is now part of the UCSD business school Incubator in which he does professional speaking engagements and is working on service products.

his passion is to inspire people and teach them how to accomplish their wildest dreams by using strategies that he learned throughout his journey to success
Copyright 2018 Wasim Hajjiri, Wasim The Dream LLC